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Published onAug 07, 2020

For each section of the course, you will create an infoposter based on one of the corresponding selected readings of your choice (see Course Schedule for readings). To access the readings, visit the COPS Publications page. There you will see links to different sets of readings, which are organized by COPS. Click on the link that pertains to a particular current section of the course. For example, your first section of the course is Foundations of Community Policing. So, on the COPS Publications page, click on Foundations of Community Policing, which takes you to a list of readings. Choose one from that section that is listed in the Course Schedule.

As noted at the weblink above, the purpose of an infoposter is to convey information. Thus, your infoposter will present the information in the COPS readings in a simplified, accessible way.

To orient your thinking, imagine you are a law enforcement administrator who needs to visually portray the COPS’ readings to officers and/or the community. You want to summarize/highlight the major points as well as any noteworthy findings/examples in an aesthetically appealing, simple manner.

You will create your infoposters using Canva. To access the program, you need to create an account. Click the link above, which takes you to the homepage. There, you are prompted to login with Google or Facebook, or create an account. After entering your credentials, you are prompted to sign up for Canva Pro. Select “skip” by clicking at the top right.

On the homepage, you see different design templates. For this assignment, you should choose Poster or Infographic. If you choose an Infographic template, keep in mind the distinctions between it and infoposters noted at the link above.

Submission: Once you complete your infoposter, download a PDF copy and then upload it to the corresponding assignment box in D2L.

Grading: Infoposters will be graded using the following rubric.

Yes (15 pts)

No (0 pts)

Topic- Does the infoposter present information on the section topic?

COPS Reading- Is the infoposter based on one of the selected COPS readings for the given section?

Graphics- Is there at least 1 graphic in the infoposter? Is it appropriate to the topic?

Yes (15 pts)

Somewhat (8 pts)

No (0 pts)

Audience- Does the infoposter display the major points of the COPS report to the audience?

Aesthetics- Are the font, images, color, & spacing appealing?

Simplicity- Is the material presented in a simple manner that is easy to grasp?

Yes (5 pts)

No (0 pts)

English- All spelling, grammar, & punctuation is correct?

Name and Credit- Are student’s name and source cited?

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