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COPS Training Courses

Published onAug 07, 2020
COPS Training Courses

Below, is a list of the current training courses offered by COPS. Access these courses, here [COPS Training Portal] by signing in the portal.

After-Action Review and Reporting: An Introduction

An Introduction to SRO Programs

Applied Evidence-Based Policing Practices: Homicide and Violent Crime Reduction

Campus Safety Training Program: School Reunification

Changing Perceptions: A Fair and Impartial Policing Approach

Community Policing Defined

Community Policing: Improving Police Efficacy and Building Trust

Crime Reduction: Enforcement and Prevention Strategies

Drug Endangered Children (DEC) Overview

Drug Identification and Recognition - Depressants, Antidepressants, and Inhalants

Drug Identification and Recognition - Disassociative Anesthetics

Drug Identification and Recognition - Hallucinogens

Drug Identification and Recognition - Stimulants

Drug Identification and Recognition - The Opioid Crisis in America

Ethical Considerations for Asset Forfeiture

Ethical Decision Making: Policing with Principled Insight

Evaluation of the Homeless Outreach Service Team (HOST) Program

Introduction to Public Safety De-escalation Tactics for Military Veterans in Crisis

New Perspectives on Community Policing

P5 - Preventing Problems by Promoting Positive Practices

Police & Dog Encounters: Tactical Strategies and Effective Tools to Keep Our Communities Safe and Humane

Postnatal Risks - How You Can Make a Difference

Prenatal Substance Exposure - Why Should I Care

Preparing for the Unimaginable

Problem-Oriented Policing: The SARA Model

Procedural Justice: Roll Call Training for Law Enforcement (5-part Video Series)

Public Law 280 Training Program for Enhanced Collaborative Law Enforcement

Salt Lake City Police Department, Homeless Outreach Service Team (HOST) Program Overview

Supporting Your Mission: An Introduction to the Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Near Miss Reporting System

You Can Change the Long-Term Outcomes of Drug Endangered Children

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