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Reading Quizzes

Published onAug 08, 2022
Reading Quizzes

There is a series of reading quizzes in the course. They are based on the assigned readings which consist of books and reports. The purpose of the readings is for you to learn about criminal investigations. Specifically, you will read about the history of criminal investigations; methods of criminal investigations; research on criminal investigations; and contemporary issues in criminal investigations.

Reading quizzes are due at the end of each section. Because there are several, you should begin the work in the first week of a section; not wait until the last minute. Links to the assigned readings can be found here. Which quizzes are due when are listed in the Course Schedule. Below, you will find what to read; and which quiz that material is associated with. You are also given a study guide to help you on the quiz. Study guides and their associated quizzes are in the section folders in D2L. The study guide specifies the quiz questions that may be asked about each reading. I suggest you write your answers within that document. Before you go to take a particular quiz, you should print the questions and answers or have them on hand on another device (e.g., iPad). Once you have done all of the above, you are ready to take the reading quiz within D2L. The link to do so is located in its associated section folder.

 You will have 30 minutes to complete each quiz. Therefore, make sure you have already done the reading and completed its study guide before starting the quiz. Also, make sure you have a solid internet connection. It’s not my fault if something goes wrong with your computer. Thus, while I’ll feel bad for you, there’s nothing I can do about it. Also, please note that because I’ve come up with many hundreds of quiz questions for this class, there’s likely to be some typos here and there. Sorry. Please ignore those when taking a quiz, but if you have a spare second then please email me notice of the mistake.


What to Read

Associated Reading Quizzes

Introduction to Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigation: Law and Practice (Chapter 1, pg. 1-22)

Intro to Criminal Investigations Quiz

History of Criminal Investigations

Silent Witnesses – Identity (1-38)

Identity Quiz


Silent Witnesses – Ballistics (39-69)

Ballistics Quiz

Silent Witnesses – Blood (70-103)

Blood Quiz

Silent Witnesses – Trace Evidence (104-139)

Trace Evidence Quiz

Silent Witnesses – The Body (140-177)

The Body Quiz

Silent Witnesses – Poisons (178-222)

Poisons Quiz

Silent Witnesses – DNA (223-250)

DNA Quiz

Methods of Criminal Investigations

In Doubt – Chapter 2 (17-49)

In Doubt Chapter 2 Quiz

In Doubt – Chapter 3 (50-89)

In Doubt Chapter 3 Quiz

In Doubt – Chapter 4 (90-119)

In Doubt Chapter 4 Quiz

In Doubt – Chapter 5 (120-143)

In Doubt Chapter 5 Quiz

National Academy of Sciences – Chapter 1 (35-54)

NAS Quiz 1

National Academy of Sciences – Chapter 4 (111-126)

NAS Quiz 2

National Academy of Sciences – Chapter 5 (127-182)

NAS Quiz 3

Resisting Science

Failed Evidence – Chapter 3 (57-77)

Failed Evidence Chapter 3

Rossmo. Criminal Investigative Failures: Avoiding the Pitfalls

Rossmo. Criminal Investigative Failures: Avoiding the Pitfalls (Part two).

Rossmo. CI Failures

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