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Course Schedule - Law Enforcement, Summer 2021

Published onJun 01, 2021
Course Schedule - Law Enforcement, Summer 2021

A 3 credit hour course means that you need to work 9 hours a week on coursework. Given that, this course’s work breaks down as follows:

  • 2 hours for reading the assigned chapter

  • 4 hours for annotating the assigned chapter

  • 1 hour for discussion post

  • 2 hours for listening to the podcast and taking the associated quiz


  • For all semesters, assignments are due at 11:59 pm on Sundays.

Summer Semesters

Due to the shortened summer semester, the course will cover a selection of the textbook’s chapters. Each section has the same assignment types: Discussion Posts, Podcast Quizzes, and Annotations.


Discussion Post

Podcast Quiz



Chapter 1

#27 Rachel Tuffin

Chapter 3 What Do the Police Do? from Harris and Buckey (2020) [available here]


Chapter 2

#7 Geoff Alpert

Chapter 2 The History of Policing from Harris and Buckey (2020) [available here]


Chapter 3

#23 Mo McGough

Chapters 11 Police Legitimacy and 12 Police Coercion from Reisig and Kane (2014) [available here]


Chapter 5

#8 John Eck

Chapters 5 Problem-Oriented Policing: Principles, Practice, and Crime Prevention, and 6 Order Maintenance Policing from Reisig and Kane (2014) [available here]


Chapter 6

#32 Jennifer Wood

Chapters 7 Community Policing and 8 Zero Tolerance and Policing from Reisig and Kane (2014) [available here]

6 & 7

Police and the Community II

#30 Rod Brunson

Chapters 9 Policing Vulnerable Populations and 17 Racial Profiling from Reisig and Kane (2014) [available here]


Police Use of Force

#26 Hans Menos

Chapters 9 Police Brutality; 15 Use of Deadly Force; and 17 Vehicular Police Pursuits from Chambliss (2011) [available here]


Police Misconduct

#29 Bill Walsh

Chapters 10 Police Corruption and the Code of Silence and 12 Police Strikes and Blue Flu from Chambliss (2011) [available here]

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