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Course Schedule - SOSC Internship

Published onAug 20, 2021
Course Schedule - SOSC Internship

A sample course schedule for SOSC 4490 is provided in the table below to give you some idea of what to expect. This schedule, including, but not limited to, assignments, projects, and timetables, is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. The instructor will provide your actual schedule and more details regarding the course on D2L once your semester of enrollment begins.

All assignments are due Fridays by 5:00 pm EST, except as indicated in bold below.



August 19*, 4 pm

Course Policies & Practices Quiz and Introductions Discussion Board on D2L

August 27

Prepare Resume and Cover Letter and RSVP to Career Services for Virtual Senior Career Academy

September 3

Submit Resume and Cover Letter to Career Services for Critique

September 10

Submit Resume Critique from Career Services to D2L

September 17

Complete Virtual Practice Interview on Big Interview

September 24

Submit Big Interview Critique from Career Services on D2L

October 1

Submit Revised Resume and Cover Letter on D2L

October 15, 10 am -12 pm**

Attend Virtual Senior Career Academy

October 22

Submit Certificate of Attendance from Career Academy and Create or Update Your LinkedIn Profile

October 29

Submit a Copy of Your LinkedIn Profile on D2L

November 5

Submit Completed Job Application Packet on D2L

November 12

Submit Kaltura Oral Presentation: Reflection on Internship Experience on D2L

November 19

Review and Respond to the Oral Presentations of Classmates on D2L

November 22***, 5 pm

Submit Internship Hours Log on D2L

*The Introductions Discussion Board and Course Policies & Practices Quiz are ungraded, but mandatory no-show assignments that are due by the no-show deadline indicated above.

**The Virtual Senior Career Academy is scheduled from 10-12 pm on the date listed above.

***The Internship Hours Log is due on the last day of classes by 5:00 pm. You should keep track of your hours weekly throughout the semester.

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