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Published onApr 23, 2021

In this course, you will listen to several episodes from the Reducing Crime podcast and take associated quizzes. See the course schedule for which podcasts and associated quizzes are due when. See Course Schedule for the assigned podcast.

Instructions: To hear the assigned podcast, visit the link here, Reducing Crime. Then, find the podcast listed for the associated chapter. Listen to the podcast. Take notes while you do so. After, go to D2L and click on the Quizzes tab. Find the podcast quiz, which will be identified as “# Name of Podcast Guest.” For example, for Week 2, you will complete the “#33 Tanya Meisenholder” podcast quiz. Open the quiz. You will have 20 minutes to answer 20 randomly selected quiz questions from a larger question pool. The questions may be multiple choice, true/false, and multi-select. You get one attempt. Once finished, submit your quiz.

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